Tall Girl star Ava Michelle praised for candid discussion about nose job

Tall Girl star Ava Michelle has been applauded for speaking out about why she got a nose job.

The actor, 21, shared a video to Instagram on 24 October about the procedure, as footage showed her nose being examined by celebrity facial plastic surgeon, Dr Carl Truesdale. Michelle spoke to the camera with tears in her eyes, as she explained that she got the rhinoplasty procedure done for both medical and cosmetic reasons. She specified that she had issues breathing through her nose over the years and that it was going “to be great” to be able to do so now.

“Being insecure about something that’s on your face, I feel like is very hard,” she said. “When I post on social media, I try to not show my profile, so it’s obviously a thing I’m insecure about.”

Michelle recalled that she first “developed a bump on [her] nose” in her early teens, which is something that she “doesn’t like”. Truesdale said that Michelle had concerns about “breathing and the aesthetic of her nose” and described her appearance before the surgery. He specified that her septum was “deviated off the left side of her nostril, which was blocking the air from being able to move”.

As she expressed how grateful she was to work with Truesdale, she described the medical issues she had before her nose job in the caption of her post.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve had an issue with breathing and my stamina, especially growing up as a dancer,” she wrote. “It was thought to be sports-induced asthma, but ended up being a deviated septum causing about 70 per cent decreased airflow on my left side. I’ve found that it’s affected my life more than I thought, and I am so happy to be able to BREATHE!!!”

The Dance Moms alum confessed that she’s had conflicting feelings about getting a nose job over the years, since the procedure would change an aspect of who she is. However, she said she ultimately realised that she could still “love” herself after getting the nose job.

“On a personal note, my nose has been something I’ve been insecure about for such a long time and I really struggled with the thought of changing it,” she continued. “I felt ashamed that I wanted to change a part of myself as I am always talking about the importance of self-love. I’ve learned that I can still love every part of myself, while making this change for myself.”

She also shared her “biggest requirement” for the rhinoplasty surgery: “I don’t want the ‘perfect nose,’ I still want to look like me.”

Michelle thanked Truesdale for his “amazing” support throughout the entire process, both before and after she got the nose job done.

“From having anxiety about surgery, to calling him on a Sunday because I was freaking out, to the INCREDIBLE results I could only dream of. I am so beyond grateful for this whole experience,” she wrote. “Thank you to everyone at @doctor.truesdale office for making me feel safe and beautiful in every form!”

In the comments of the Instagram video, which has more than 58,000 likes, many fans praised Michelle for being so open about her insecurities, as well as for her decision to get the nose job in the first place.

“Honestly I always thought you were so gorgeous I didn’t even notice you had a bump. But I totally get how we focus so much on our own insecurities,” one fan wrote.

“You looked absolutely gorgeous before, and you look absolutely gorgeous now. Always do what makes you happy,” another added.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s mother Jeanette Cota wrote: “My beautiful, honest, humble girl... so happy you were able to do this for yourself and that you finally are breathing better! Thank you @doctor.truesdale for keeping her natural and still looking like my Miss Ava!”

Other people went on to applaud the results of the nose job, as one follower said: “This is what I call good plastic surgery. The change is subtle but huge at the same time.”

“Gorgeous result!!! Looks natural,” another added. “This was impeccable work.”

Michelle isn’t the first famous face to open up about getting the cosmetic procedure. In his new memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, actorJohn Stamos revealed that he had two nose jobs at the beginning of his career. In an excerpt of the book, released on 24 October, he specified that when he got cast in his first major role on General Hospital in 1982, he was too focused on how his nose looked, which encouraged him to get the nose job.

“When I see it on TV for the first time, it’s all I can look at. Fixating on my nose is beginning to detract from my performance. Plus, the early years of bullying... have me ready to make a change,” the actor - who recalled being nicknamed “Big Nose Stamos” throughout his childhood - wrote in his book.

However, the Full House star confessed that after he got his first nose job during a break from acting, the results didn’t turn out as expected. So, he ended up having it “redone by Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon”.

Stamos also shared why he chose to get the cosmetic surgery in the first place, writing: “Everyone who gets a nose job tries to find some excuse other than vanity. But let’s call it what it was - vanity.”