This Tamiya Honda City Turbo RC car from 1983 has been updated for 2020

Autoblog Staff

Does anyone remember the Willy's Wheeler RC car from the '80s, also known as the Honda City Turbo? The originals are tough to come by nowadays, but luckily, there's a brand new version available with new insides.

The new Tamiya Honda City Turbo RC car sits upon the Tamiya WR-02C chassis. The chassis features rear-wheel 2WD with fully independent double wishbone suspension. It also shares the 185mm wheelbase of the original WR-02 chassis. This is an assembly kit, so don't expect to pick one up and start driving right away, but popping wheelies with one of these (which is totally possible thanks to the model's weight distribution and torquey motor) will be all the more satisfying after putting in a little work to make it happen.

The buyer will need to acquire a rechargeable 7.2-volt battery pack and a charger, but the kit comes with a fully assembled motor and gearbox. This looks like a very cool RC construction kit with some serious history behind it. It sure doesn't seem like it, but 1983 was nearly 40 years ago, after all! If you're interested in checking out more info on the car, you can do that at Tamiya's website here. Want to pick one up for yourself? This one is available on eBay for under $200.

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