Tartar Sauce Is Good For Way More Than Just Fish

homemade tartar sauce in bowl
homemade tartar sauce in bowl - New Africa/Shutterstock

Tartar sauce is traditionally paired with fish and other types of seafood, as the tangy condiment adds a bit of brightness to the often-rich flavors of fish, particularly breaded varieties. The beauty of this pairing has much to do with tartar sauce's ingredients, which can include dill pickles, lemon juice, mustard, garlic, capers, and seasonings like salt and onion powder. Despite its frequent association with fish, tartar sauce is also delicious on other breaded goodies, such as air-fried cauliflower bites.

If you love fried foods but aren't a huge fan of their impact on your health, air fryers offer a great alternative, according to a medically reviewed article on WebMD. These appliances can create the deliciously crispy texture synonymous with fried foods but with much less oil than would normally be necessary. And when you're frying up something as wholesome as cauliflower, you can enjoy a tasty treat while still maintaining healthy dining habits. Much like its impact on fried fish, tartar sauce is the perfect accompaniment for fried veggies, as well as many other delicious recipes.

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The Perfect Sandwich Spread

oyster po-boy sandwich on board
oyster po-boy sandwich on board - Bhofack2/Getty Images

A staple of New Orleans culinary culture, po-boys are an iconic sandwich featuring a range of tasty ingredients. Seafood, such as shrimp or catfish, is a common sandwich filling, but one can easily substitute roast beef. Lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles also make an appearance, and po-boys are typically served between two slices of crusty French bread.

As for condiments, po-boys can be slathered with mayo and ketchup, or they can feature remoulade sauce, which combines mayo and mustard with a host of seasonings. Garlic and pickle juice are a common addition to remoulade, which makes the condiment quite similar to tartar sauce. In this case, you can easily swap remoulade for tartar sauce when making po-boys at home. Keep in mind that while tasty, tartar sauce is milder than remoulade, which includes spicy ingredients like horseradish and hot sauce. In this case, the swap is an excellent idea if you're not a fan of spicy condiments.

Elevate An Average Baked Potato

baked potato with creamy topping
baked potato with creamy topping - Macroart/Getty Images

In addition to butter, sour cream is another classic baked potato topping. This common spud topping imparts a mild tanginess into recipes, but it's best known for its creamy mouthfeel. That's why it's such a great addition to baked potatoes, as it creates an unbelievable texture thanks to the high concentration of fat in the mix; sour cream must contain at least 18% milkfat to bear the name on the product label.

While a delicious addition to baked spuds, sour cream does leave a little to be desired in the taste department. Substituting sour cream with tartar sauce is a great way to bolster the flavor while still enhancing the texture with a bit of creaminess. The inclusion of lemon juice, dill pickles, and capers ensures that tartar sauce offers an unbelievable kick of tang, above and beyond what sour cream offers. That makes the flavor of the baked potato more dynamic, which is perfect when you want to get a little something more out of a weeknight meal.

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