TBM condo residents can park in town lots during repaving

The Town of The Blue Mountains has agreed to provide temporary parking on town property for residents of a Thornbury condominium complex.

At its meeting on August 28, The Blue Mountains council agreed to allow the residents of a Grey County Condominium Corporation 8 to park at town lots at Moreau Park and the Beaver Valley Community Centre while the condo parking lots are being repaved.

Elizabeth Wegner from E and H Property Management appeared as a delegation at the meeting to request that residents of the condo corporation located at 127 Alfred Street be allowed to use the parking lots at the two nearby facilities during the paving project.

“The corporation will be undergoing a pavement replacement project,” said Wegner.

A maximum of 30 vehicles will need to use the parking areas at the park and the community centre from Sept. 11 to Oct. 6. Wegner said in advance the condo corporation would provide a list of makes and models of vehicles, with license plate information included.

The corporation also offered to make a donation to a community project in appreciation of the town’s support for the request.

Council voted 6-0 in favour of the request, with Coun. June Porter declaring a conflict on the matter. Council chose to deal with the request immediately, as its next meeting is not until Sept. 18.

Ryan Gibbons, the town’s director of community services, said the request from the condo residents would not interfere with public usage of the community centre or park.

“In our opinion, this wouldn’t impact Moreau Park or the community centre’s operations,” said Gibbons.

Deputy Mayor Peter Bordignon also suggested that the donation proposed by the condo corporation be given to the town’s grants and donations committee.

Chris Fell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, CollingwoodToday.ca