Teach kids how to fold clothes with this clever cardboard hack

This parent and folding expert on TikTok shared a clever and fun way to teach kids how to fold their clothes using a piece of cardboard, and viewers are loving the innovative laundry hack.

TikToker Lennia McCarter (@lenniamc), also known as the “Folding Queen” on social media, is a parent and content creator whose visually satisfying laundry folding and gift wrapping videos have garnered her a large online following. One of McCarter’s videos features a tutorial for making a DIY folding board out of cardboard to help kids fold their clothes, and it’s an organizational game changer!

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The clip opens with an overhead shot of a square piece of cardboard. McCarter rolls out a tape measure to calculate the board’s dimensions. At approximately 10×10 inches, the board is shaped evenly and big enough to fit children’s clothing.

After determining the correct size, McCarter folds both the left and right sides of the cardboard, creating three uniform vertical rectangles.

McCarter then folds the board in half horizontally before cutting halfway up along the two vertical creases, leaving a flap in the middle.

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Last but not least, McCarter demonstrates how to use the homemade folding machine. First, she lays out a t-shirt over the board, then neatly folds the part of the bottom of the shirt that’s hanging off of the surface.

Next, McCarter flips over the cardboard’s left and right sides before flipping up the bottom flap. Finally, she folds the t-shirt in half and adds it to the stack.

Viewers took to the comments to express their appreciation for McCarter’s creative cardboard clothes folding trick. Many even requested additional tutorials on how to make one that folds adult clothing.

“Omg, thank you so much! This will help so much,” one user said.

“You helped me so much,” chimed in another TikToker.

“What if you are using bigger shirts, like for adults?” one viewer inquired.

Based on the comments, both kids and adults could benefit from McCarter’s folding lesson.

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