Teacher makes student's day by rocking the same hair as her

Photo via Facebook/Leigh Bishop

It’s no secret that teachers shape our futures, as one of the main figures in our lives at a young age. For some teachers this means strict deadlines and rules, while other teachers may have a more creative approach to inspiring young minds.

One teacher in Sugar Land, Texas, took an extra initiative to make one student’s day in the sweetest way.

Pre-K student August showed up to school last week with a new hairstyle. Leigh Bishop, a teacher at Lakeview Elementary, was quick to comment on August’s news look.

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Bishop told her student she loved her hair so much, she would show up with similar style the next day. The four-year-old responded with an eye roll and an “OK Ms. Bishop.”

Bishop kept her promise — and the next day, arrived to school with the same hairstyle as August. Bishop says both August and her father were surprised when they saw her arrive at Lakeview Elementary.

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She shared the photo to Facebook and it wasn’t long before the post had gone viral with more than 14,000 likes, 3,900 shares and 400 comments.

Those following the post were quick to comment on the happiness captured in the photos with many praising Bishop for her unique approach to building relationships with her students. Some even admitted to getting emotional after seeing the post.

“So sweet and a great way to engage her forever!” wrote one Facebook user.

“Oh my heart! This is beautiful. Her face is priceless! And now I’m crying,” added another.

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