‘Teen Mom 2’ star body shamed over vacation photo

Kailyn Lowry, star of “Teen Mom 2”, is currently vacationing in Negril, Jamaica — and she’s sharing it all on Instagram. While most of the snaps of her and her three sons are innocent enough, one cheeky shot shows a nearly-nude Lowry posing on her balcony, clad in black bikini bottoms with a towel draped over her chest and long blonde locks flowing past her shoulders.

<i>Photo via Instagram/kaillowry</i>
Photo via Instagram/kaillowry

“Just checking out the view,” the 25-year-old mom captioned the photo.

While the star looks gorgeous, happy and healthy – some critics couldn’t help but comment on Lowry’s curves.

“I would have lost weight like a lot of weight before getting that done. Just saying,” one person commented, referring to Lowry’s derriere. “Not hating…just stating facts.”

“Every person has a body type,” another retorted. “No need for her to get super stick-skinny! Just because it’s your preference, doesn’t mean (you should) put down a woman for having more to hang on to.”

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Some took a different direction, and complained that the star used filters to smooth and enhance the photo, although that theory was quickly shut down.

“Just looking at her butt, you can tell she isn’t a size 5. I don’t know how you think she’s using filters,” one person noted. “You can even see cellulite on her butt. And she’s covered with a towel. I think she looks amazing and I don’t think a filter was used at all.”

The vacation photo also set off a sub-debate over whether or not women who get plastic surgery should be considered role models in the body positivity movement. In 2016, Lowry reportedly underwent plastic surgery, which her plastic surgeon (Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a.k.a. “Dr. Miami”) documented on Snapchat.

“I am not ‘hating’ on Kailyn,” one fan said. “I am glad she is happy and she looks great. I am just afraid this is giving young girls who have body issues, the idea that they need surgery to love their body.”

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Today, thankfully, Lowry seems to be feeling “good in her skin” – although she can’t seem to catch a break from Internet trolls. Last month, the reality star was body shamed again, this time while posing for a photo with “Teen Mom 2” co-star Leah Messer as the two vacationed in Hawaii. The snap showcases Lowry rocking a wetsuit while standing next to a bikini-clad Messer.

“Having fun in Hawaii with this babe!” Lowry captioned.

While the haters came out in full-force, suggesting the 25-year-old mom “check out Weight Watchers” – most supported the two young moms and praised them for looking healthy.

“I don’t know why people have to body shame so much!” one fan commented. “They both look great!”

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