Teenager infuriated by her older sister’s ‘unfair’ babysitting request: ‘You are not free childcare’

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A teenager is second-guessing her choice to get a job because it means she can’t help her sister.

She posted her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her sister got custody of four boys, and for a while, they were living at the Reddit poster’s house. Now that her sister and the kids are moving out, her sister still expects the Reddit poster to babysit the boys on a regular basis.

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“My (17F) sister (25F) got custody of 4 boys that is from her husband’s family, all little kids and from an abusive home,” the Reddit poster wrote. “Since she didn’t have a house due to reasons, she’s lived with us for almost 1-2 years and they’ve been here since January/February.I haven’t really liked it. I don’t have any boy siblings, and I’m not too fond of kids.”

“I am extremely introverted and eventually, I want to simply be by myself or I get overwhelmed. I’ve started to resent days off of school because my Spring break was watching them with sometimes my boyfriend coming by to help, and other times it’s simply me watching all four and they tend to get rowdy and not listen. No one can watch them usually but me or my cousin, and as you can tell, I’m the one that’s watching them usually. I don’t want to, but I suck it up.”

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“She’s about to get a house, moving in sometime soon and it’s across from my our house. Summer is coming up and im going to get a part time job to start off so I can have my own money and we have a car we fixed up for me.”

“My sister came to me talking about the kids over summer and how before summer school, for about two weeks they needed watched and instead of asking went, ‘You’ll be watching them then and then they’ll be at summer school—’ and I interrupted and said about my job, I won’t be able to do it, I’m looking for one at the end of this month. She looked really taken back, and since then has had troubles to find someone to watch them until July when her husband comes back. AITA?”

“It sucks when family just ‘assume’ that you’ll suck it up and do as they want. It’s unfair and shows a lack of respect for you,” a user wrote.

“You are not free childcare. She didn’t even ask you but stated it as a fact,” another commented.

“I bet she was expecting you to do it for free as well. Not your kids, not your rodeo,” a person said.

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