Tell us: how has the pandemic made you rethink your life?

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<span>Photograph: Vadym Drobot/Alamy</span>
Photograph: Vadym Drobot/Alamy

The great disruption of 2020-21 – yes, it’s been a long two years – has led many people to reconsider the way they live and work, the way they relate to those around them, and the life choices they make.

So what will you keep beyond this phase of the pandemic? How has it given you pause for thought? What are the good parts of your life that are working, what will you discard, and what will you change, if you can?

Maybe it’s the career change you’ve been thinking of, the not so great relationship or friendship you’ve considered ending, new resolutions about your social life, or the new healthy habit you have found time for since you haven’t had to commute.

If we’re not going back to normal, as some experts say, what will your new normal look like?

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