If You've Experienced A Big Life Event That Changed Your Relationship For Better Or Worse, We Want To Hear Your Story

Life's trials and tribulations can really test a relationship. When major changes occur, couples may become stronger than ever or crack under pressure.

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Perhaps about a year into your marriage, your partner won the lottery, and you suddenly had millions and millions of dollars. What you thought was a blessing quickly turned into a nasty curse. Money completely changed your partner, and they began blowing it on booze, parties, and frivolous purchases. You wanted to buy a house, help loved ones, and travel, and they wanted to drink, gamble, and entertain women who were not you. You decided you wanted a divorce, and the legal stuff got pretty nasty with the sudden influx of money.

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Maybe you were dating someone for about a year when you became really sick. Though the relationship had been consistent and lovely, it wasn't so serious that you expected them to stick by your side during treatments. Instead, the sickness actually brought you two closer, and they stepped up in ways you never would've imagined. You both quickly realized you didn't want to spend another moment without the other, and you eloped. They stayed beside you as you fought toward recovery, and they've continued to love you through remission.

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Or, maybe you had a seemingly content marriage for about five years. You'd always been the breadwinner but didn't mind because you enjoyed your prestigious job. But when you were unexpectedly let go, the dynamics of your marriage changed drastically. Your partner became very distant and cold, and they made you feel like a loser while you hunted for another job despite all the financial and emotional support you'd provided them for years. You caught them having an affair with your neighbor, which led to a divorce. After the divorce was final, you secured an even more impressive job, and they begged for your forgiveness. You turned them down and are much happier now.

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Have you endured a major life event that drastically altered your relationship, for better or for worse? What happened? Tell us your story or submit it anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.