What's A Home Decor Trend In 2024 That Just Gives You The "Ick?"

When it comes to home design, we all have our own personal aesthetics and tastes — and on the flip side, I know we can all think of a trend or two that we just can't get behind. But when I came across this viral series on home design "icks" from TikTokers Ethan Gaskill and Robert Gigs, I was reminded that sometimes it's the smallest, most wildly specific decor elements that can annoy us the most.

Dining room with wooden table, six mismatched chairs, and wall decor including plates and art. Shelving unit with various items, large windows, and sliding doors to the left
Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Naturally, it got me thinking: If two people could have so many super specific (and super relatable) hot takes on these design trends, what opinions are the rest of us holding on to? So, I'm turning to you, our BuzzFeed readers, to hear your biggest "icks" and hot takes when it comes to subtle design trends in 2024.

For the record, I'm not talking about the divisive, incredibly popular design trends that nobody ever agrees on: the sliding barn doors, floating staircases, modern farmhouse exteriors, etc. I'm talking about the niche little interior (or exterior) design features that always send a chill down your spine...even if you feel like you're the only one that ever notices them.

As low-key terrified as I am to admit my biggest "ick" on the internet, I'll go first. While I am all for fiberglass shower surrounds — they're straightforward, way cheaper than tile, and easy to clean — shower surrounds designed to look like faux tile make me uneasy. I cannot explain it, but that is my truth.

White-tiled bathroom corner with chrome faucet and showerhead, featuring @HDbuildersLLC watermark on the wall
HD Builders / Via youtube.com

Maybe your niche home ick is a bedroom with a ceiling fan (stunning!) — and the only lighting in the bedroom is said ceiling fan's light.

A ceiling fan with five blades and a central light fixture is mounted on the ceiling. A window with closed blinds is visible below the fan
Ablokhin / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Fun fact: Someone I know (not me, I swear) absolutely loathes patterned outdoor rugs and says that adding one to your al fresco living space is the quickest way to ensure your home gives soccer mom vibes.

A cozy screened-in porch features wicker furniture with cushions and a glass-topped coffee table. Colorful throw pillows and a floral arrangement on the table add a decorative touch
Stu99 / Getty Images

Or, maybe you just can't bear to see another arrangement of dried flowers on someone's dining table. They think it's elegant, and you think it looks like...death.

Minimalist dining table with dried flowers in a vase, a white teacup on a saucer, and a metal pitcher in the background
Juergen Sack / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Whatever your niche home design "ick" is, we want to hear from you. And remember: While you can write in with obvious design trends (like open floorplans, exposed shelving, or color-coded bookshelves), the more specific and personal you can get here, the better. Tell us all about the subtle home decor element that makes you see red in the comments below, or fill out this form if you'd prefer to stay anonymous. We'll feature the best responses in a future BuzzFeed Community post.