This Temperature Controlled Cube Is the Key to Post-Workout Recovery

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Therabody.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Therabody.

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Alongside my partner, who is recovering from ACL surgery, I’ve found myself a victim of the running bug, and, as a result, a slew of aches and pain. As a self-described novice runner with very little natural athletic ability, every run brought an equally miserable pain in a new body part. While we are active users of Therabody’s award-winning Theragun, it took merely a few runs before we found Therabody’s RecoveryTherm Cube—a portable, wearable, and reusable device powered by Cryothermal Technology™. From my aching calves, rolled ankles, and shin splints to my partner’s knee pain, stiff hips, and sore glutes, the Cube had its work cut out for it.

The compact device features three preset treatments: cold therapy for relieving joint pain and reducing inflammation; heat therapy to combat muscle soreness, stiffness, and poor circulation; and contrast therapy that combines both temperatures to maximize recovery and reduce soreness. Each preset is programmed to deliver fast, controlled treatment directly to the skin using temperatures and durations scientifically proven to be the most productive amounts needed for effective relief.

Generally, these treatments are performed with large tubs of hot and cold water or cycling through heating patches and ice packs to stimulate blood flow, increase circulation, and reduce soreness. The RecoveryTherm Cube harnesses the healing powers of temperature in a ventilated, portable, compact cube—just an inch smaller than the iPhone 15.

TheraBody RoveryTherm Cube

The RecoveryTherm Cube comes with two interchangeable velcro straps—one for smaller body places like arms, legs, and ankles, while the longer strap is perfect for more expansive areas like the back or stomach.

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After every run, we quickly picked up a pattern of strapping the adjustable velcro strap across our pain points. With a low hum, the portable device treated targeted areas of pain while cooling down from a grueling run, allowing us to take advantage of the mobility.

While we initially struggled to use the device and found the straps more challenging to adjust than expected, one read of the instructions and some practice solved any operator issues. The Cube works best for minor aches and pains in small, treatable areas. For more brutal, full-body days, we moved the device around to treat the entirety of the pain.

While it’s hard to say if our workouts improved because of the RecoveryTherm Cube, I can say the hands-free, no-thought route to recovery made the next day’s workout much more bearable.


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