These top-rated thermal unisex gloves are touch screen compatible and only £10.99

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In need of a new pair of gloves? We may have found them. (Getty Images)
In need of a new pair of gloves? We may have found them. (Getty Images)

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Come on, it’s 2021, surely we don’t really have to still decide between keeping our hands warm and being able to use our phone effectively?

Well, as it turns out, no we don’t - thanks to the Trendoux Thermal Winter Touch Screen Gloves.

Just £10.99 from Amazon, these soft wool gloves are about to become your go-to for everything and anything, from a trip to the shops to a car journey in the frost.

Why we love them:

Featuring highly sensitive conductive material on the thumbs, forefingers and middle fingers, you can wear these gloves and still work your smartphone, tablet and other touch screen devices while on the go.

Plus, as the gloves are fully covered with triangle silicone on the palms, you can grip you car steering wheel firmly or hold your phone steadily without worrying about your hands slipping.

Did we mention, they're only £10.99 and currently an Amazon best-sellers, which is no surprise considering the temperate drop recently.

What the reviews say:

With over 19,000 ratings it’s clear that the gloves are a hit with shoppers.

"Warm", "quality" and "comfortable" popped up a lot throughout reviews new and old, with some adding that the touch sensitivity feature was "amazing".

Some shoppers used the gloves as part of their work, for example a photographer who was out a lot during the winter, as well as teachers who were pleased to have an "affordable" pair of gloves for playground duty. 

Our favourite review was from one shopper who explained that the gloves had made a permanent home in the pockets of his winter jacket, so that he never risked leaving home without them. 

Buy them: Trendoux Thermal Winter Touch Screen Gloves | £10.99 from Amazon

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