'Terrifier' director Damien Leone teases 'Terrifier 3' and a potential 4th film, and says he's met with 'Evil Dead' director Sam Raimi about a new project

  • "Terrifier" director Damien Leone has teased his plans for "Terrifier 3."

  • He told Insider that it will continue to follow Lauren LaVera as Sienna.

  • Leone also said he's met with "Evil Dead" director Sam Raimi about a new film.

Director Damien Leone made audiences throw up with "Terrifier 2," but he's not done with Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) just yet.

Speaking to Insider, the director teased his plans for the franchise, explaining how the 2022 movie expanded the mythology behind the killer clown in a big way.

Leone said that the sequel has "religious" imagery by making Art and Sienna (Lauren LaVera) two sides of the same coin.

He explained: "I mean, there's blatant religious mythic imagery, clear as day. There is a heaven and hell thing going on. And the clown is this resurrected demon and Sienna is slowly becoming aware that she's sort of this Old Testament angel ready to do battle and going through that metamorphosis. That discovery was really what was the most exciting thing to me in this movie."

Leone went on to tease that he's writing "Terrifier 3" at the moment and that he's also debating a fourth film due to the various ideas he has.

He said: "I am writing 'Terrifier 3' as we speak. I definitely want to make at least one more. There may be two to tell this story and tackle all the ideas that I have in my head."

The director added: "Because there's a lot more to explore with Art the Clown, the pale girl, Victoria, and certainly Sienna as our final girl. We will be following her journey to the end of this franchise."

Leone also explained that he recently met with legendary horror director Sam Raimi, the man behind "Evil Dead," to discuss a completely new project with his company, Ghost House Pictures. Although, Leone remains tight-lipped about what that might be about.

Sam Raimi at the "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" premiere.
Sam Raimi.Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Disney

"There is an original project I have in development with Ghost House Pictures, which is Sam Raimi's production company," he said. "So if that happens, that would be amazing. I'm really hoping that that could happen before 'Terrifier 3,' or it might happen right after, we'll see."

Leone said he is thrilled about the prospect of working with Raimi, and added that he was able to briefly tell the director about how much he loves "Evil Dead."

"He's one of my heroes, obviously. I got to tell him just how much 'Evil Dead 2' meant to me, and even the blatant homages from part two that are in 'Terrifier 2.' He was just the sweetest, coolest guy for that 45 minutes," said Leone.

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