‘The Terror’ Renewed for Season 3 at AMC

“The Terror” is returning to AMC for a third season. AMC Networks President of Entertainment Dan McDermott announced the renewal during its session at the Television Critics Association’s 2024 winter tour.

The next installment of the AMC horror anthology will be titled “Devil in Silver” and is expected to premiere on AMC and AMC+ with six episodes in 2025.

Based on the novel by Victor LaValle, which was first published in 2012, the story follows a working class inmate unfairly trapped in a mental institution. As well as dealing with patients who work against him and secretive doctors, he’s confronted with what very well may be the Devil himself. The more Pepper tries to navigate this hell, the more he realizes the only chance at freedom lies in taking down this mysterious creature. Doing so may spawn the worst demons of all.

Chris Cantwell, who is best known for “Halt and Catch Fire,” will write and executive produce the series along with LaValle. Karyn Kusama, the Emmy-nominated director behind “Yellowjackets” and “Jennifer’s Body,” will direct the first two episodes and will also executive produce.

“’The Terror’ anthology series has already delivered to fans two unforgettable seasons of storytelling that blend real-world events and characters with a terrifying and mysterious supernatural element,” McDermott said in a press release. “’The Devil in Silver’ offers a perfect opportunity for a new installment of this popular and critically acclaimed anthology.”

Cantwell noted that he was “thrilled” to be returning to AMC for this project. Kusama echoed the sentiment and added that it was “an honor to help bring this special story to life.”

“This series is at once a grounded and real story of a man encountering those forgotten by the world and those he has neglected himself, all while arriving at a life-or-death crossroads where he must face the Devil without and within,” Cantwell said in a press release. “What does victory look like in a world of broken systems, and preyed upon people? What kind of hero is needed?”

“’Devil in Silver’ is a horror story based on all I’ve seen and also a love letter to the resilience of the human spirit,” author LaValle said in his own press release. “I feel so lucky that Christopher Cantwell agreed to help me tell this story. His gifts for empathy, humor and tragedy have only enriched this tale of ours.”

“The Terror” first premiered on AMC in 2018 and focuses on a British naval expedition trapped in ice while searching for the Northwest Passage during its first season. Its second season, which was released in 2019 and was subtitled “Infamy,” focused on the events of a Japanese internment camp during World War II.

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