Terry Bradshaw needed 19 stitches after water-slide mishap

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The gang from Better Late than Never was in Berlin and decided to visit one of the largest water parks in the world. Unfortunately for Terry Bradshaw, he soon learned that just because he likes Super Bowls, it doesn’t mean he likes super slides.

The Hall of Fame quarterback may have been brave enough to played in the NFL for 14 seasons, but when it comes to heights, not so much. Bradshaw started getting cold feet when he realized how high up the water slide started.

Bradshaw rode the water slide, head-first and on his stomach. Despite having a pad underneath him, he managed to gash his leg on the ride.

Henry Winkler also injured himself, saying, “I completely ripped my arm. Terry rips his leg.” Bradshaw, who was being tended to by a medic, exclaimed, “I’ve counted 19 stitches.”

After the fact, Bradshaw said, “You can’t take 250 pounds of pure dynamite, go sliding down something. I came down that thing doing 70 miles an hour.”  He added, “I lost, like, a pint of blood … it hurt!”

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