Texas mom says school 'humiliated' her son by giving him 'Dumb and Dumber' haircut

Amy Martin wrote on Facebook that the school made her son (shown two months ago) look like “Jim Carry [ sic] in Dumb or Dumber but worse.” (Photo: Amy Martin via Facebook)

A Texas mom took to Facebook to vent about the principal at her son’s school, who allegedly instructed a teacher to cut the boy’s hair because it violated the district’s dress code. The mom claimed that the teacher cut off her 16-year-old’s bangs “at a choppy angle” and humiliated him. 

“She made him look like Jim Carry [sic] in Dumb or Dumber but worse,” Amy Martin wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. “I called the principal and she had a lot of excuses blaming my son. She said he looked down. There’s no way that explains the awful haircut.”

“It looked like if I were to take the kitchen scissors and just pull it out and bluntly over and over cut, because, you know, it was just very choppy like Jim Carrey on ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ but rounder and a little bit shorter. That’s exactly what it looked like,” Martin told NBC New York.

Her son, Lane Kiesling, told NBC New York that the school warned him three weeks prior that he needed a haircut. 

“It was well below my eyebrows, but it was on top of my glasses, so it never got in my eyes. It just got close,” he said.

His mom explained on Facebook that they had tried to get his hair cut three times but had “failed for various reasons.” She added to NBC New York that the family had just moved and money was tight.

The teenager was informed on Tuesday that a teacher with a cosmetology license would give him a haircut after school, he told the news outlet. But he claims he was later pulled out of class for the cut and was mocked when he returned with choppy hair.

The 16-year-old after his principal took him to fix the haircut. (Photo: Amy Martin via Facebook)

Martin wrote on Facebook that the principal apologized and took Kiesling to get a real haircut after school. 

I don’t have a car or the money so I was thinking great and that would be the end of it,” Martin wrote on Wednesday. “He came back crying again. He said the principal just told him how it was his fault and belittled him the whole time. It’s a real small town, there were people they [sic] know there. He is humiliated.”

The Hico Independent School District said in a statement to NBC New York that it’s committed to providing “a safe and secure learning environment.” It added: “Hico ISD has a student code of conduct and student handbook that is comprehensive. Student expectations are shared at the beginning of every school year. We also ask parents to sign off on our procedures which are based on community values. We encourage parents to be involved in decision-making processes, share how they feel about district operations and to share any concerns with their child’s principal. Ultimately, our priority is to educate and support the well-being of every student in Hico ISD.”

Martin later took to Facebook to clarify. “For the record, I think most of the Hico ISD staff are fantastic! They go above and beyond and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been overwhelmed by their love for Lane!”

Nevertheless, she was frustrated by how the school chose to handle the issue.

“Thank goodness a sweet lady came today and fixed it as much as she could with it being as short as it is,” she wrote on Wednesday. 

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Martin and the Hico Independent School District for comment.

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