Thaddeus Young showed his playoff value in Game 4 vs. 76ers

There were some skeptics of the Raptors trading a first-round pick for Thaddeus Young. But, after earning praise from several teammates since arriving and now a standout performance in the playoffs, the veteran forward has surely showed his value. Full episode looking at Game 4 and previewing Game 5 is on the 'Raptors Over Everything' podcast feed.

Video Transcript

IMMAN ADAN: It was so clear to me. Like, I've been a Fred apologist all year, and I think when Fred is at his best-- when Fred is not even 80% of Fred, 75% of Fred-- I think is someone that's so valuable to what this team needs and can do, but if he's out there, and he's not hitting his shots, I just don't know that this is the particular matchup for him.

I wouldn't mind seeing a shorter leash on Fred VanVleet. I hope he can get healthy. I hope we get a healthy Raptors team, especially in the playoffs. It would be so nice if we get to see all of these guys healthy in the playoffs, but if that's not the case, I'm kind of glad that we're running with [INAUDIBLE]. I feel terrible saying that, but I mean, I love Fred.

I hope he gets healthy. I hope he gets better, because this team is at their best when Fred VanVleet is there. He is their All-Star for a reason. Someone who-- we talked about Gary. We've talked about Scottie. There was a third guy that was hurt for most of this series and probably still battling an injury right now, but is my good.

Like, I'm not even going to talk about Pascal. I'm talking specifically about Thaddeus Young, who is hurt and was injured. He is my good for today's game. We can talk about Pascal Siakam as, like, our great for tonight, but what did you think about Thaddeus Young and what he was able to bring tonight?

YASMIN DUALE: Yeah, Thad, initially, like, even when we got him, I thought that he would fill that. I feel like, with the absence of Lowry, yeah, the Raptors lost a skilled point guard, but they also lost just, like, a veteran who knows all of the nuances of the game, who's tricky, who knows when to make those pocket passes, who knows when to press the holes in the opposition's defense.

And, like, Thad just knows what he's doing. He's really making the simple mistakes we've come to expect of all the players on the roster, because this is such a young team. Watching Raptors basketball, watching a young team, we've learned to just overlook a lot of mistakes. Missed shots are nothing.

Missed coverages are nothing, but Thad is always doing what he needs to do, and to have, like, a steady rotation player, you're seeing the value of that in the postseason, and we've seen it in past Raptors teams that have had postseason success. Every single player on the court is just very seasoned, and Thad is exactly that.

He's been awesome on Embiid. He's been awesome, I feel like, on every-- I feel like the only player who managed to take advantage of him was like maybe James Harden for a couple of possessions, I think, in game 3, it was, who managed to work him on the perimeter. But even then, it's like, I don't know if it was a case of just Harden being on a hot streak, because he struggled on this game, and things didn't really change.

Yeah, Thad has been awesome. I hope the Raptors keep him. If they're able to keep him on an affordable deal, there's no reason to let him go. He's totally worth keeping for a young squad. He's the exact kind of seasoned veteran that a young team needs to learn from, and it's not always about being the best player on the team. The best player doesn't need to be the experienced veteran. It can be a rotational guy, and Thad is exactly that.

IMMAN ADAN: Or in the case of the Miami Heat, an assistant coach who takes a roster spot [INAUDIBLE].


IMMAN ADAN: [INAUDIBLE] but, like, it's so funny because I definitely have a type, because I'm just like, oh yeah, Thaddeus Young is my favorite player. Yup, I'm missing the Kyle Lowry hole, and yes, Thaddeus Young, you are doing a fantastic job of giving me everything that I need on the court, including, including, and we would be remiss if we did not mention it, dropping Embiid, breaking his ankles right there.


IMMAN ADAN: Like, just what a beautiful play.

YASMIN DUALE: Insert clip here.

IMMAN ADAN: Yeah, please, I mean, if that doesn't go in the [INAUDIBLE]. I just need-- put it in the AGO. Like, let's get it in the Royal Ontario Museum. Let's put it everywhere, because it is a work of art, and it was so much fun to see him drop Embiid.

YASMIN DUALE: Of all the guys on the roster to do it, it was Thad Young,


IMMAN ADAN: It's so weird that it would be Thaddeus Young. That's hilarious.

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