He's cooked for Oprah, now Chef Art Smith reveals his must-have Thanksgiving recipe in Holiday Home & Tell

Celebrity chef Art Smith knows his way around the kitchen — and plenty of famous ones. He's cooked for Oprah Winfrey, other celebrities, heads of state and even royalty.

But Chef Smith, like so many others, has his own memories of Thanksgiving that he tries to bring to his family holiday celebrations. "Every day, we create and make our own traditions," Smith tells Yahoo Life as part of the Yahoo Life Holiday Home and Tell series. "Many traditions that we think of are traditions that are established in our families over 100 years ago."

Chef says he loves to make bread and serve it on his Thanksgiving table every year. "Bread-making to me is something that I really enjoy because [of] the senses of it, the smells," he says. "I remember as a little kid, the smell of my grandmother Georgia's dressing, this wonderful cornbread dressing."

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