The Always Pan is on sale – snap up the 8-in-1 miracle cookware now

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Cook, boil, sear, steam, fry, the Always Pan has endless options. (Our Place)

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When you have a small kitchen, finding space to store a mountain of cookware can make any householder feel like Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

What you need, then, is a pan that does the job of several bulky pots. Ideally, a pan that food never sticks to, no matter how long you spend scrolling through Instagram when you should be stirring.

One that steams, braises, sautés, fries and boils and is even attractive enough to put on the table and use as a serving dish.

Perhaps one that has a wooden spatula that slots seamlessly onto the handle so your worktop doesn't get covered in randomly flung tomatoes.

But where can you get such a pan – and isn't it insanely expensive?

Well, yes, it is pretty pricey normally, but the Always Pan from Our Place has just been reduced from £125 to £100 in its annual Spring Super Sale, but the £25 off discount will only last for a limited time.

It might be a little more than you'd normally pay – but when you consider how many other pans it replaces, it starts to look like a good deal.

The deep, wide pan has a non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating meaning food just slides off and onto the plate. It's made without potentially toxic materials like PFOAs, toxic metals and nanoparticles.

The Always Pan is a cult-favourite and has over 15,000 reviews. (Our Place)
The Always Pan is a cult-favourite and has over 15,000 reviews. (Our Place)
Now this is a pan you won't want to hide when you have guests round. (Our Place)
Now this is a pan you won't want to hide when you have guests round. (Our Place)

£100 £125 at Our Place

It's also compatible with all cooktops, so it won't suddenly refuse to work with an induction hob, like most pans.

It comes with a stainless steel basket for steaming too, that also doubles as a colander, and a close-fitting domed lid so the pan can even act as a tagine cooking pot.

And to avoid spilling all your carefully crafted pasta into the sink when you're trying to drain it – and we've all been there and done the swearing – there's a very useful pouring spout.

The most impressive thing about it, however, is not so much all the things it can do – it's what it doesn't do.

The Always Pan has a 'stay cool' handle that doesn't overheat, so you can pick it up without screaming in pain and leaping under the nearest stream of cold water. It's not heavy, either (unless you're really packing in the carbs).

So anyone of any size and fragility can lift, move and carry it – and you can't say that about most robust pans.

The pan comes in eight different colours. (Our Place)
The pan comes in eight different colours. (Our Place)

The Always Pan is available in eight different colours to match your decor (and if you're really going for it, your food), and is made with part-recycled materials, and sent out with no plastic packaging.

It's already gathered over 15,000 largely positive reviews globally, with an average 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Comments include "perfect pan!", "I bought this pan for my daughter. She loves it!!!", and "Pan looks great and fun in different colours. It's the easiest pan to clean! I love that it comes with steamers."

Make way: Your kitchen is about to get upgraded.

We put it to the test

Full disclosure, I was sent this pan to review. If it was a disaster, I'd have been honest. But from the moment I set it on the hob, I was sold. I love the design – it's very tactile and unlike my other large pans, it doesn't threaten to break both my arms when I lift it.

The most appealing factor, however, is the non-stick ceramic coating. I have a tendency to wander off mid-cookery, and am very familiar with the wail of the smoke alarm. So far, however, I haven't burned anything, because food won't stick to the base however hard I try.

I have made an entire fry-up in this pan (no, I'm not proud pf my dietary choices, I'm working on it) – and it's big enough to shove plant bacon, mushrooms and sausage to the side while you fry the eggs.

I cook fish, curry, omelettes, pasta, toast pine nuts, steam dumplings and have generally been running a one-woman restaurant from my pan since it arrived. The only thing it won't do is bake cakes.

Though given my daily snack regime, that's probably just as well.

Buy it: Always Pan | £100 (Was £125) from Our Place

£100 £125 at Our Place

Our Place's most recent launch, The Perfect Pot, is also on sale - and while it may be new, it is quickly garnering the same positive praise as the pan.

Reduced from £140 and £110 if you want the complete set (which we highly recommend).

Buy it: Perfect Pot | £110 (Was £140) from Our Place

£110 £140 at Our Place

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