These are the 2020 baby names set to earn the most money

The most successful baby names have been revealed [Photo: Getty]

What's in a baby name? Well, earning potential, apparently.

Parents all want the best for their little ones, but they likely won’t have realised that just picking the right moniker could help their smalls go on to be successful and earn more money.

But new research has revealed certain baby names are more likely to be linked to higher salaries in the future.

Ask Traders conducted in-depth analysis in a bid to uncover the most successful names.

They scanned the names of over 300 CEOs from some of the biggest companies across the globe including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Rolls Royce and Amazon.

The financial company then cross-referenced those monikers with ONS top baby names and predicted future baby names and compared them with Adzuna's salary data to find out which names earn the most money.

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Top 5 successful female baby names in 2020 [Photo: Asktraders]

While there are more than likely other contributing factors at play, we can't help but be wowed by the results.

Of the 300 companies analysed, the most popular names amongst male CEO's were Michael, Mark and David.

Each with 7 CEOs flying the flag for their moniker.

When it comes to successful girl bosses, Mary ranks first for the female chief executives with 4 CEOs having that name.

With an average salary of £42,746 the runner up Robin is not far behind, earning an average of £45,426 and coming in second place in popularity too.

But as trends change so do baby names, so the research also uncovered the predicted most popular baby names of 2020 and cross-referenced the data to find the names of babies born this year that are most likely to be successful and earn the most.

Top 5 successful male baby names in 2020 [Photo: Asktraders]

And parents of any little Billies, Logans and Judes are likely to be happy as children with those monikers are destined for success after being revealed as THE most successful baby names in 2020.

While Billies, Eves and Arianas all look set to leap up the ladder, it's Billie that comes out on top as the most successful girl's name this year with average earnings predicted to be £40,789.

Meanwhile, Logan is the most successful boy's name in 2020, potentially influenced by world-renowned YouTuber Logan Paul.

Any mini Logans hoping to emulate his success can look forward to an average salary of £45,394.

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Top 5 successful gender-neutral baby names in 2020 [Photo: Asktraders]

We’ve already seen that gender-neutral names have had a major impact this decade, and Jude, meaning 'praise', came top of the names spanning both genders, with an average salary expectation of £39,792.

This was closely followed by Max with £37,180.

Although traditionally a shortened version of Maxmillian or Maxine, Max is now earning its place as a moniker in its own right, and with it comes a predicted level of success.

Of course we can't guarantee that if you name your baby Jude or Logan you're set to be kept parents, but if you’re tossing up between a couple of names it might pay to check out the most successful list.

Could their name influence how successful your baby will be? [Photo: Getty]

It might also be worth taking at look at the most naughty list too.

Last year, research revealed people make assumptions about the behaviour of little ones, based on their name alone.

The study, by My Nametags and CensusWide of 1,500 teachers, parents and children in the UK, revealed the names they most associate with being naughty, as well as those they consider to belong to well-behaved boys and girls.

Mia and Jack were revealed as the UK’s naughtiest names, whilst children named Isla and Arthur are considered to be the best-behaved.