The best way to get revenge? Sell your wedding dress on Facebook (and crowd fund your divorce)



Talk about making light of a dark situation — this soon-to-be ex wife is stacking major coin by using social media to help leave her husband.

The Australian woman, Lauryn Lawrence, rallied supporters on Facebook after putting up an advert to sell the wedding dress she says was “worn once by mistake.”

Lauryn’s Facebook post takes jabs at her ‘compulsive liar’ husband. (Photo: Facebook/Newcastle Australia Wedding Buy+Swap+Sell)

We don’t know exactly what Lawrence’s ex did to be called a “compulsive liar,” but it’s safe to say the marital ties have been severed.

“Please help remove this beautiful Maggie Sottero dress from my life. It looks stunning on, enough to distract you from the fact you are entering into a marriage with a compulsive liar,” she writes.

“The dress is in excellent condition, unlike my marriage.”

(Photo: Facebook/Newcastle Australia Wedding Buy+Swap+Sell)

The mom-of-one from New South Wales was only getting started. She states she wants to pay for some “smoking-hot lingerie” with the money she gets from the dress.

“Comes with a certificate of authenticity (unlike the wedding vows). Bad luck has been removed through expensive dry cleaning,” she added.

“I know this for sure, because when I got it dry cleaned post-separation I became happier, more confident and discovered what it feels like to be genuinely loved and treated well in a relationship.”

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Lawrence bought the dress for $3,100 but advertised it for just $350. She has also set up a GoFundMe page called “Lauryn Wants A Divorce” to cover the cost of her split.

According to the Facebook comment trail, Lawrence confirms she was able to use donations to file for divorce last Friday.

Crowd-funding endeavour = a complete success!

(Photo: Facebook/Newcastle Australia Wedding Buy+Swap+Sell)

It also looks like Lawrence is donating the wedding dress proceeds, initially set aside for steamy lingerie, to the Lillian Howell Project that targets homelessness.

As far as we’re concerned, she’ll also go down in history as the woman holding the greatest divorce tale of all time!

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