Avalanche's Stadium Series jersey might have been leaked

Thomas Williams
Hockey writer
The Stadium Series is known for weird team jerseys and the Colorado Avalanche are no exception. (Twitter/@jcbrolley_design)

The NHL’s Stadium Series is notorious for some far-out jersey designs. From the fluorescent Philadelphia Flyers, to the Toronto Maple Leafs looking like skating Michelin Men, this outdoor game has it all.

Just a few months before the Colorado Avalanche and Los Angeles Kings face off at Falcon Stadium on the campus of the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, the home team’s jersey appears to have leaked.

This is a...bold design.

It appears that in place of the traditional spot for the logo — you know, on every hockey jersey in existence — this sweater has the “A” as part of the jersey itself.

Just like the regular Avalanche emblem, the centre of the letter is replaced by a mountain in the negative space, symbolizing the geography of the state.

The most off-putting aspect of this jersey has to be the bottom half: Completely solid maroon with no features or any change whatsoever. Everything is on the upper half, including the comically giant numbers featured on the sleeve of most Stadium Series jerseys.

This will be the second time in four years the Avalanche have played in an outdoor game, previously a participant in the 2016 Stadium Series against the Detroit Red Wings.

Colorado is 11-5-2 for the season.

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