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The Echo Dot is on sale for only $25 for Prime Day 2024

Get the tiny smart speaker while it's half off for Amazon Prime Day.


Now that Prime Day 2024 is here, you can snag Amazon gear at some of the best prices we've seen all year. That includes the Echo Dot, which is down to $25 for the shopping event — that's only about $2 more than its record-low price. Also discounted are the Echo Pop, which you can snag for only $18, and the full-sized Echo, which is down to $55. As to be expected, these are some of the best Prime Day deals on tech — particularly Alexa-toting tech — that you can get this year.

The Echo Dot is a good way to get Alexa into your home without taking up too much space. It's also a good option for students who have little space to spare in cramped dorms and apartments, or anyone who wants to add a bit more smarts in their home office. It's one of our top picks for the best smart speakers you can get right now thanks to its minimalist, compact design, physical volume adjustment and mic-mute buttons and its general Alexa chops. The latest model is also a much better speaker than previous versions, with louder and clearer audio.

The latest Echo Dot is half off and down to only $25.

$25 at Amazon

If you're on a tight budget, or you want to give Alexa a try without investing too much money, the Echo Pop is a good alternative now that it's down to $18. If you were to slice the Echo Dot in half, you'd get the Echo Pop. It makes for a decent bedside speaker, and it has built-in eero functionality, meaning you can extend the range of your home's Wi-Fi network with the Pop if you have an eero router already.

But for the best sound quality out of these, you'll want the regular Echo smart speaker. It has the biggest footprint of all three, and the biggest internal speaker along with a 3-inch, built-in woofer. In addition to Alexa chops, it has a temperature sensor and a Zigbee smart home hub inside, which allows you to connect gadgets like smart lights, smart door locks and more without the need for a separate hub.

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