The Internet Is Going Crazy About Priyanka Chopra’s Maxim Cover (But Can You Spot Why?)

Priyanka Chopra’s cover for Maxim India has caused quite the stir [Photo: Instagram/]

Priyanka Chopra looks pretty smokin on the cover of Maxim India. Dressed in a peek-a-boo black dress, the Indian actress who’s currently starring in Quantico certainly lives up to the magazine’s choice for the hottest woman in the world.

But the image used is causing quite the online stir, not because of what Priyanka is wearing, or the pose she’s pulling but because of her armpits. Yep, Priyanka’s armpits have broken the Internet.

No sooner had the actress shared an image of her cover to Instagram, fans were taking to the comment section to vent their frustration that her pits seem to have been the victim of some extreme photoshopping.

“Beautiful PC! But Barbie dolls armpits…too photoshopped!!” wrote one commenter.

While another simply asked, “How photoshopped can an armpit get????”

“Priyanka Chopra’s armpit in the Maxim cover is so unrealistic,” stated another fan.

A shot from the inside shoot appears more realistic [Photo: Instagram/]

Armpits may not be the usual photoshop fail, but a quick glance at the image in question reveals that the actress’ armpits do seem to be remarkably flawless. Not a shadow in sight.

But while the possible retouching of an armpit, of all things, might not seem like much to get worked up about, body image campaigners have branded the cover as “alarming” as it portrays “unrealistic beauty ideals.”

Neither Priyanka or Maxim India have responded to the concern about #armpitgate, but the incident is the latest in a line of retouching rows. Back in April Victoria Beckham’s shoot for Vogue China caused a stir because it appeared part of her leg was missing. And after an alleged photoshop fail Lena Dunham refused to allow any future shoots to be touched up.

Photoshopped or unphotoshopped armpits aside Priyanka is still smokin [Photo: Rex Features]

Another armpit exposing look from the cover story inside seems to portray a less doll-like pit region. And in it Priyanka still looks completely amaze, which sort of makes us wonder whether anyone really needs their armpits retouched?

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