The ‘World’s Healthiest Meal' Is A Burger And Fries - With A Twist


There are over 50 ingredients in this burger and not a single one of them is a patty of grease-laden meat.

We can’t vouch for the taste, but this is what is being described as the world’s healthiest meal; a burger, fries and shake made up of over 50 superfoods.

The ‘nutriburger’ features a gluten-free brioche bun and beet, natto, quinoa and mushroom burger - and if you haven’t even heard of half those ingredients, you are not alone.

It’s accompanied by purple and orange sweet potato fries and a thick chocolate shake made of cacao, bee pollen and activated nuts.


Well, she looks happy about it [Groupon]

The entire meal has an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value that is equivalent to that of eating 1.5kg of blueberries and provides more than 100% of your daily allowance of fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C and iodine and is rich in B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, selenium, choline and zinc, as well as being both gluten- and dairy-free and suitable for vegetarians.

It was created by chef and nutritionist Libby Limon for the deals website Groupon, where you can download the recipe for free.


No small undertaking [Groupon]

Ms Limon said: “This meal takes healthy eating to the next level - the superfood ingredients will help you put spring back in your step after a late night or give your immune system that extra boost.

"It’s super nutritious and full of antioxidants, probiotics, polyphenols, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals so there’s no need to feel guilty while indulging in this burger.

"The ingredients list might initially appear overwhelming but it’s easy to make.”

You can be the judge of that. Here’s everything you need to make it:

1. Brown gluten-free bread flour
2. Matcha powder
3. Stevia
4. Almond rice milk
5. Avocado oil
6. Natto
7. Chaga powder
8. Black sesame seeds
9. Large red beet
10. Red quinoa
11. Red onion
12. Shony seaweed
13. Coconut aminos
14. Chia seeds
15. Hemp protein powder
16. Sumac
17. Garlic
18. Cider vinegar
19. Shiitake mushrooms
20. Mustard seeds
21. Organic black beans
22. Organic prunes
23. Smoked paprika
24. Wild oregano
25. Ground white pepper
26. Fresh yeast
27. Sugar
28. Sichuan pepper
29. Ground cumin
30. Turmeric
31. Dijon mustard
32. Duck egg
33. Sea salt
34. Lemon juice
35. Wild garlic leaves
36. Organic egg
37. Coconut oil
38. Avocado
39. Heritage tomato
40. Kimchi
41. Wearnutkin ‘boursin’ cashew cheese
42. Watercress
43. Purple sweet potatoes
44. Orange sweet potatoes
45. Black pepper
46. Frozen banana
47. Acai pulp
48. Activated almonds
49. Activated pecans
50. Bee bread
51. Bee pollen
52. Cinnamon
53. Cacao nibs
54. White matcha tea powder
55. Black raspberry powder
56. Water
57. Acai powder
58. Maca powder
59. Vanilla seeds

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