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The Worst-Ever Mom Cuts -- and the New Way to Avoid Them

August 30, 2012

It's official: Crazy hair trends are no longer just for punk rock chicks and Demi Lovato fans.

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According to "The New York Times," women over 40 are flocking to the Yves Durif Hair salon on the Upper East Side, and it's not for boring blowouts. These successful career women are asking for undershaves, blue dye jobs, and magenta highlights. As one 61-year-old customer said: "I want it rude and I want it rock 'n' roll."

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Is this the end of the mom cut? One can only hope. And to celebrate the possible demise of hideous granny bobs and stuffy Park Avenue football-helmet coifs, I've rounded up the worst mom-cut offenders. Ever.

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Kate Gosselin's spiky, chunky reverse mullet was one of the highlights of her 15 minutes of fame.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made headlines for her political moves and her ever-changing hairstyles. At least with this cut she couldn't use her favorite scrunchie.

Is it just us or does Sharon Osbourne's style remind you of a cockatoo?

Sure, Kris Jenner isn't part of the gray hair group yet, but this bob has granny written all over it.

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