These are Canadians' top 10 favourite Disney movies - Did yours make the cut?

Kate Mendonca
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Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom, Disney World. Image via Getty.

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With many families staying indoors more than ever before, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the many streaming services available to us. Netflix certainly reigns supreme, but a new addition to the market is already quickly becoming a fan favourite.

A recent report by Digital TV Research revealed that following the global coronavirus pandemic, Disney+ will soon overtake Amazon Prime as the second-biggest streaming service. Ideal for those looking to enjoy a dose of nostalgic fun or to share an action-packed evening with one of their latest superhero releases, it’s no wonder that the streaming service is quickly becoming a top contender for at-home entertainment. 

While there are hundreds of films to choose from on Disney+, only a few have made it to the top of Canadians’ streaming lists. Using search information from Google search data, a recent study by Parkdean Resorts also revealed the most-searched-for Disney films across the globe based on annual searches last year. 

Map of favourite Disney movies across the globe. Image courtesy of Parkdean Resorts.

According to the study, the top pick among Canadians might surprise you, as more than 861,000 searches for the 1961 classic “101 Dalmatians” appeared across the country last year. Compared to other nations like the US and Australia’s top pick, “Frozen,” and the UK’s favourite, “Avatar,” Canada’s top Disney movie is a delightful throwback choice. 

Along with “101 Dalmations,” the study also revealed Canadians’ top 10 favourite Disney movies based on their annual search queries. Take a look at the full list below, and let us know in the comments if your favourite made the cut.

1. 101 Dalmatians - 814.2k annual searches

101 Dalmatians (1961). Image via IMDB.

In the classic rescue story, dalmatians Pongo and Perdita lead a heroic cast of animal characters across the British countryside to save their puppies from the villainous Cruella De Vil. 

2. Avatar - 654.9k annual searches

Avatar (2009). Image via IMDB.

In the stunning world of Pandora, a man embarks on an epic adventure, ultimately fighting to save both the people he loves and the place he calls home. 

3. Ratatouille - 160k annual searches

Ratatouille (2007). Image via IMDB.

In this heartwarming Pixar film, Remy, a determined young rat, shows the world that he really can make his dreams of becoming a renowned French chef come true. 

4. Cars - 113.8k annual searches

Cars (2006). Image via IMDB.

The first of three hilarious films, Cars follows hotshot race car Lightning McQueen as he gets stranded in the desert and discovers that there’s more to life than fame. 

5. Mulan - 27.7k annual searches

Mulan (1998). Image via IMDB.

In order to protect her family, Mulan disguises herself as a male soldier, proving that bravery and strength come in many shapes and sizes. 

6. Tangled - 10.8k annual searches

Tangled (2010). Image via IMDB.

Potentially serving as inspiration for those of us taking solace indoors, this reimagining of the classic fairytale Rapunzel is an adventure that the whole family will enjoy. 

7. Lady and the Tramp - 10.1k annual searches

Lady and the Tramp (2019). Image via IMDB.

One of the first exclusives to appear on Disney+ at its launch, Lady and the Tramp is available to watch in both the newly remade live-action film, and the 1955 animated version

8. Moana - 9.9k annual searches

Moana (2016). Image via IMDB.

In this action-packed voyage across the ocean, Moana and the demi-god Maui set sail on a mission to save her people.

9. Frozen - 6.6k annual searches

Frozen (2013). Image via IMDB.

The movie that sparked millions of sing-a-longs couldn’t be left off of this list, although not as highly ranked in Canada as some other countries where it nabbed the top spot.

10. Cinderella - 6.6k annual searches

Cinderella (1950). Image via IMDB.

Back from Disney’s vault, this timeless fairy tale (and its 2015 retelling) are both available to stream now. 

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