These are three habits of healthy people

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And it doesn't involve going to the gym

It isn’t very difficult to stay healthy. Being healthy doesn’t mean being ripped or going to the gym twice a day. It involves being mindful of what you do and what you eat. Here are 3 habits of healthy people

1. They exercise regularly

This could mean going to the gym, yes, but it could also mean brisk walking. Walking has many health benefits and it doesn’t require any equipment. Just a 30-minute walk five days a week can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Combine your cardio with some basic weight training exercises too so you avoid muscle injury and get a more well-rounded workout.

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2. They eat a lot of greens

Green leafy vegetables aren’t just good for your physical health, the Vitamin K in them helps decrease cognitive decline too. Throw in some spinach in your smoothies or salads. It was good for Popeye; it should be good enough for you too

3. They sleep well

Sleeping for 7 hours helps your brain build new pathways. This makes you ready to take on a new day. it helps balance hormones and blood sugar, boosts immunity, lowers the risk of obesity, and it makes you more productive.

So, really, all you need to do to stay healthy is eat right, sleep well, and walk every day!

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