These dryer balls will change the way you do laundry — and they're on sale right now for only $14

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S&T New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls
S&T New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

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While there are far more thing more exciting than doing another load of laundry, we can’t help but share our appreciation for these game-changing dryer sheet balls. Hey, what can we say — we love a good life hack!

Remaining top of our list of Amazon must-have buys, these wool dryer ball by S&T are the perfect alternative to fabric softener and dryer sheets while also designed to cut down static cling and drying time by 20 to 40 per cent to get you the softest laundry ever.

S&T New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

S&T New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls
S&T New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

SHOP IT: Amazon, $14 (originally $17)

How do they work?

These dryer balls are made from 100 per cent New Zealand wool. They are free of chemicals, fillers and synthetics making it a perfect and safe choice for those have with reactive skin, allergies and/or acne.

For a standard-sized load of laundry, it’s suggested to throw-in two to three balls in with your wet clothes and let them do all the work. For a heavier load, use four to six balls.

What are people saying?

Backed up by hundreds of reviewss, the S&T New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls have earned a 4.3-star rating.

“I was rather skeptical at first - my daughter wanted them instead of using fabric softener. They work as expected for washing clothes, but they are outstanding with bedding and towels. Sheets and pillowcases come out practically wrinkle-free, compared to the twisted wrinkly mess I used to get. Comforters and blankets as well dry much quicker, my queen size feather duvet used to take two cycles on the heavy-duty setting, and it was completely dry after one. Want to fluff your pillows? No problem, 10 minutes in the dryer with three balls,” says one five-star reviewer. “I was worried they would be loud, but the sound difference isn’t noticeable unless I’m standing right beside the dryer.”

S&T New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls
S&T New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

“I've only had these for a week, but a super heavy week with around 12 loads of laundry. I have to say that these really do work. Loads that wouldn't completely dry on a standard-setting are now fully dry. This is going to save time and money. I have to watch the long term durability as the balls are showing just a slight amount of 'fuzziness', but so far, so good,” adds another. “I don't see a significant difference with regards to reducing static cling, but that's a much lower concern for me than decreasing drying time.”

Are they for you?

Because these dryer balls are made scent-free, you do have to get adjusted to the lack of fresh laundry smell. But for a fresh, light scent, it is recommended to use a few drops of your essential oils — this, of course, comes with the process of trial and error.

“Such a good product idea. I don't think I've figured them out scent-wise yet. I have been putting 1-2 drops of essential oils per ball, and I haven't been able to smell anything on the clothes yet,” reads one review.

At the end of the day, these dryer sheets are made to help you save time, money and the environment.

Best of all, these genius dry balls are on sale right now for just $14 — so there’s not much to lose!

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