These Men Are Better At Applying Makeup Than You

[Photo: Instagram/JC]

Ever tried applying liquid eyeliner to a man? If you only know guys whose grooming regimes consist of going to the barber’s once every three months, the answer is they blink. A lot.

But this is 2016, and men are catching up in the world of makeup. And some men are actually way, way ahead.

Meet the men whose skills make your attempts to contour look like smearing poster paints onto a potato.

[Photo: YouTube/Edgar’s Makeup]

This is Edgar of Edgar’s Makeup, who knows more about base than you (and always will).

Edgar vlogs and Instagrams “all things beauty”, offering tutorials on full coverage foundation, smokey eyes and glowy summer looks.

[Photo: YouTube/Alannized]

And fellow beauty vlogger Alannized, whose cupid’s bow is a thing of dreams.

[Photo: Instagram/Natt Sepulveda]

Natt Sepulveda, a 19-year-old who taught himself everything he knows (and that’s a lot).

[Photo: Instagram/Tim O]

Tim O, who has the ability to make even Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups look glamorous.

[Photo: Instagram/A R I E H S I M O N]

Areh Simon, whose highlighter skills make us want to give up on even trying.

[Photo: Instagram/jcmakeupmaster]

JC, who proves that on-point makeup doesn’t have to be feminine.

[Photo: Instagram/Ramsey Aguilera]

Ramsey Aguilera, whose black metal eye shadow needs replicating on us, right now.

[Photo: Instagram/K E E N A N Y A Z Z I E]

And Keenan, whose self-taught skills are scarily good.

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