This 86-year-old bride is pure wedding goals


[Photo: Facebook/Angela Denise Allen Simms]

Every bride wants to look incredible on their wedding day, but few can say that they’ve looked so gorgeous that they’ve broken the internet.

When a younger relative of Millie Taylor-Morrison posted a photo of the bride on her wedding day, she simply wanted to share how “beautiful” her little cousin’s friend’s grandmother looked - but she can’t have been expecting Taylor-Morrison to amaze quite so many people.

In the photograph, 86-year-old Taylor-Morrison is about to get married to her now-husband Harold after meeting more than six decades ago.

And few could argue that she looks amazing. Wearing a bright pastel purple frock and holding a matching bouquet, every detail of her outfit is perfection down to her white earrings and matching lipstick.

Not only is Taylor-Morrison beautiful but a talented woman too - she designed the dress herself.

Taylor-Morrison tied the knot after her previous husband - who she was married to for 41 years - passed away. She reconnected with Harold, who also attended her first wedding in 1952, after meeting again at Taylor-Morrison’s new church.

And the rest is history.

Taylor-Morrison’s granddaughter, Khadija Elkharbibi, told People “it was a lovely day”:

“This isn’t a typical story — most grandmothers don’t remarry or they give up on love. It’s amazing to see their love for each other,” she said.

“Their wedding day was beautiful and she was a sight to see. Harold was emotional, he started to weep a little.”

Though it was only posted on Monday, the photo’s received more than 19,000 likes - so Taylor-Morrison has given us some serious #weddinggoals.

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