This body-positive blogger is kicking beauty standards in the butt

(Photo: Instagram / @fallingintoselflove)

With social feeds saturated with rock-hard abs, sculpted butts and digitally-enhanced looks, there’s no wonder why so many women feel discontent with their own natural beauty.

But body-positive blogger Kathleen Tyler wants to make change. After conquering her own eating disorder and learning to love herself wholly, she’s using Instagram as a platform of encouragement.

Her profile is filled with realistic body shots, all kinds of tasty treats, cheerful selfies and incredibly powerful statements. Sharing a series of photos of herself from all angles, Kathleen told 15,000 followers: “Think of someone you know and love inside of your mind, and then allow your thoughts regarding them to flow freely throughout your brain.

“Now try to convince yourself to say some of the horrible things we say about our own bodies but make it about them.

“It’s a miserable concept to even ponder because when you have had the chance to truly experience the beauties inside of another person’s soul, physical traits no longer hold very much ground in your opinions of that person.

“But what I find most interesting about this concept, is that often times people don’t realize that this phenomenon applies to how they view themselves as well. Once we really know ourselves, we begin to accept that we have worlds of beauty inside of us.”

Since the post, Kathleen’s following has increased to more than 26,000 people. But before embarking on her “journey of self discovery,” she admits her past was filled with self loathing and self harm.

“I was the outer shell of a girl who had been hurt. I was my scars and the discolorations on my stomach. I was my stomach rolls and my thighs that touch,” she wrote in a post.

“I now know that while these things are a part of my body they are not the only thing that makes me beautiful. So yes, I do have stretch marks, scars, and stomach rolls (which believe it or not also contribute to my beauty), I am so much more as well…

“I am my radiant smile. I am my heart that yearns to help others. I am my mind that never gave up even during the toughest of battles.”

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