This grandpa got stood up and Twitter is appalled

Photo via Twitter

A hopeful grandpa, dressed in his Sunday best, drove 45 minutes from home to meet a woman who couldn’t return the gesture.

Jim Moroney, 73, took the modern approach to dating when he connected with the woman on When the two arranged to meet at a restaurant for their first date, Moroney arrived with roses in one arm and chocolates in the other — before realizing she wasn’t going to show.

(Photo: Twitter/gabbyforesta1)

The chivalrous grandad was left waiting alone inside the restaurant, flowers and all.

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(Photo: Twitter/gabbyforesta1)

He headed home and turned to his 16-year-old granddaughter Gabby for support.

“My grandpa and I are very close and we talk about dating quite a lot since he’s been looking for a companion for a while now.” Gabby told Metro after a tweet about her heartbroken grandfather went viral. “My grandpa was really sad considering he has never been stood up before, so he immediately came over to my house to talk to me and my mom about it.”

“We instantly comforted him because being stood up can be very hurtful,” she said.

Gabby received an overwhelming response from onlookers on Twitter who shared their support and disappointment.

Some even offered to date the poor man.

Then, of course, came the jokes.

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We’ve reached out to Gabby to ask if her grandad received an explanation from his no-show date. She confirmed that Jim never heard back from the woman.

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