This Inspiring Lingerie Brand Chose Its Models Based On Their Achievements Not Their Bodies


Lingerie brand Panache chose its models based on their achievements [Photo: Instagram/lovepanache]

Underwear campaigns don’t come much more inspiring than the latest offering from UK-based lingerie brand, Panache. Last year the company started searching for models to front its autumn/winter 2016 campaign. But rather than hiring typical industry models to show off their new collection of fancy pants, Panache set about choosing women based on their accomplishments, not just their bodies.

Seven thousand nominees and 12 months later, Panache revealed its new “Modelled By Role Models” campaign with the six finalists that the public voted for. And not only are the women completely rocking it in their undies, they deserve maximum respect for the work that they do, the achievements they’ve made and their healthy approach to body image.


Elly Mayday [Photo: Instagram/lovepanache]

Take Elly Mayday for example. After her battle with ovarian cancer plus-size model Elly’s snagged her dream job as a model promoting body positivity. She was also featured in the documentary A Perfect 14, which highlights the lack of diverse body sizes in the media.


Anja Loven [Photo: Instagram/lovepanache]

Anja Loven is a Danish aid worker who in 2013 left her job in retail to dedicate her life to supporting children in Africa.


Eliza Rebeiro [Photo: Instagram/lovepanache]

Eliza Rebeiro, 22, from Croydon is an anti-knife and gang crime campaigner who founded the Lives Not Knives organisation when she was just 14.


Sylwia Blach [Photo: Instagram/lovepanache]

Having suffered from spinal muscular atrophy which meant using a wheelchair from an early age, Sylwia Blach is now an ambassador for disabled people in Poland.


Jayne Hurdtich [Photo: Instagram/lovepanache]

Mum-of-two Jayne Hurditch runs two charities helping children with special needs.


Emily Findlay [Photo: Instagram/lovepanache]

While 20-year-old Emily Findlay, from the Orkney Islands has a rare form of cancer called Neuroblastoma.

We love a fashion campaign that promotes healthy body image and body positivity but Panache have taken things to a whole other level.

To read more stories and see the gorgeous images from the campaign, head to Modelled by Role Models.

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