This mommy-toddler workout duo is outrageously cute

<i>(Photo: Instagram/MsBoston)</i>
(Photo: Instagram/MsBoston)

Fit mom Danielle Jones has always maintained an active lifestyle. After graduating from college —where she kept up her athleticism on the school’s basketball team — Jones promptly acquired her personal trainer certificate.

“I loved my body,” she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan. By the time she had reached her 30s, she had hit her fitness peak.

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Things took a turn for Jones after she gained more than 50 pounds carrying her now 2-year-old-daughter, Honor. “The weight gain never bothered me during my pregnancy,” she says, “but once my daughter was born, I would have moments of hating my body.”

While going back to her regular diet and fitness regime was an option, Jones was determined to breastfeed her newborn — and cutting back on calories, or undergoing extensive workouts, meant she was producing less milk.

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“I had to remind myself that when you have a child, at times they are going to have to come first,” she said.

It wasn’t until Honor was 10 months old and eating solids that Jones resumed her fitness regime — doing five workouts a week and eating six meals a day to keep her metabolism in check.

But Jones ditched the gym for home workouts, so she could exercise alongside her daughter.

“I would do it next to her while she was playing with her toys, and she would laugh,” Danielle says. “I couldn’t wait for her to get to an age at which she could actually work out with me.”

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As it turns out, the fitness enthusiast scored a mini-me workout buddy much earlier than expected, after replaying some workout footage, Jones noticed her little one was mimicking her movements in the background. Honor was barely a year old.

Within months, little Honor appears to have made it her toddler aspiration to be just like her mom.

Some parents may hold concerns about a two-year-old working out — Doesn’t Honor have kid things to do? What about the issue of safety? Jones isn’t put off.

“You may see her playing with two-pound weights, but she’s not lifting them, she’s playing, and it happens to be good for her,” the sporty mom explains.

The two clearly share a special bond and the new mom believes it’s important for her daughter to establish healthy habits early on. We’d like to know what you think, tweet us @YahooStyleCA!

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