This $67 'absolute game changer' portable stroller accessory rocks your baby to sleep when you can't

Alyssa Tria
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Whether you’ve got your hands tied with a dozen other things or lack the energy and/or the patience to soothe your fussy little one (hey, we’re not judging. It happens to the best of us) this must-have stroller gadget rocks your baby to sleep when you can’t.

Created by three dads to help parents on the go, the Rockit, which retails for $67 CAD, is clinically tested to mimic the normal hand rocking of a pushchair by gently vibrating the stroller with a simple push of a button, keeping your little one snoozing.

How does it works? Attach to your stroller with the universal bracket, push the button and adjust the rocking speed. So if your baby wakes up as soon as the stroller stops moving, gain a few extra minutes unpacking the groceries after a trip to the supermarket while your tot is still sleeping.

The Rockit is an absolute game changer! This product is easy to use and babies love it! It perfectly rocks your baby to sleep... All the while you are hands-free! Crying, fussy babies turn into peaceful sleepers,” writes one five-star reviewer.

“This product is like having a nanny in your purse! I cannot recommend this enough... I got this as a baby shower gift for a friend, she tells me she uses it all the time and loves it! This is the perfect way to comfort your little one! This will be my go-to gift for all of my pregnant friends.”

Rockit Portable Baby Rocker
Rockit Portable Baby Rocker

Shop it: $55, Amazon

Both you and your baby will love this clever little unit,” writes another. “Our little one loves car rides and movement in general when she's in her seat. Sometimes when she's still for too long she will begin to fuss so we turn on the Rockit and almost immediately it calms her. We have it attached to her baby seat, and it can be detached with one pull, so it is very convenient. It is on the heavy side, but that's expected if it's going to be rocking a seat or stroller. You'll also have to get used to it protruding from the handle of the seat.”

The Rockit is suitable for infants until three years old.

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