Thrift store slammed for selling destroyed Nike sweatshirt for $140: ‘Wouldn’t get that if it was free’

A thrift store is receiving backlash for the pricing of a destroyed item with a “vintage” look.

Famed TikToker @soleloco, who is known to spot rare finds inside secondhand consignment stores, exposed a shockingly expensive clothing item he picked out during a recent trip to the thrift store. On 25 August, the shopper posted a video exposing a ripped apart Nike sweatshirt being sold for an absurd price.

“Y’all see this Nike sweatshirt, right? Super beaten, stains, look at this sleeve,” he proclaimed as he panned the garment, carefully showing the discolouration and thread break-up. Between the torn sleeves and obvious rips in the front and back, the red sweatshirt looked as if it had gone through a shredder and doused in a mysterious liquid.

Soleloco pulled out the tag to check the price for the “vintage” looking garment – $140. “If it has a vintage look add $100,” the TikTok user quipped.

Over 2,600 viewers flocked to the comments section, expressing their disinterest and confusion over why the store thought it necessary to price a worn down item so high.

“I wouldn’t get that if it were free,” one critic wrote, while another said: “I thought someone switched out their old sweatshirt with a new one.”

“I would pay $5,” someone else noted, while others suggested the store should have disposed of the garment rather than tried to sell it.

“I would have thrown it out if I was an employee, thinking someone left it there,” one TikToker said.

Meanwhile, another added: “I have the same in my attic.”

Amid the critics, a few candid individuals pointed out how if the damage was intentional, people would probably buy it.

“If Nike made a hoodie like this I would cop not going to lie,” one viewer confessed, meaning they’d spend money on it. Other people compared the look of the sweatshirt to something Balenciaga might make.

The Independent has contacted Soleloco for comment.

While the magic of thrifting is said to be the unexpectedness of what you sift through, oftentimes people find the most bizarre items – much like the torn Nike sweatshirt.

Recently, an anthropologist in the North Fort Myers area of Florida found what turned out to be a human skull on sale. On display in the Halloween section of the store, the individual spotted the skull and immediately identified it as belonging to a human. They proceeded to call the police, leading to the store’s confession of where they had got it from.

According to the establishment owner, the skull had been picked up in a storage unit they’d bought years ago. As of now, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office does not suspect anything suspicious took place but they’re working the local medical examiner’s office, conducting further tests.