TikTok Compared American McDonald's To Spanish McDonald's And The Result Is Fascinating

Fast food burger
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Although TikTok is great for many things, one of its best qualities is that it allows us to live vicariously through others halfway around the globe. Ever wonder, for instance, how American McDonald's compares to Spain's McDonald's? Look no further than the TikTok posts of a traveler. Creator Tommy Winkler travels the country -- and the world -- and regularly shares his reviews of international foods with his TikTok viewers. He tends to look at the comments on his posts and pick a destination that one of his fans suggests. So it was only a matter of time before he got around to checking out McDonald's in Spain. In a video, Winkler explains that he flew to Spain "for TikTok" and compared its McDonald's items to those we see in the U.S.

Of course, Spain's McDonald's menu is far more comprehensive than Winkler could show in one post, but he tried a number of items, some of which he liked more than others. The true appeal of videos like this is to see the unusual menu items McDonald's fans in other countries get to eat on a regular basis, and Spain's menu did not disappoint. With an emphasis on loaded burgers and smoky cheese and bacon, these are definitely some items McDonald's fans would love to see in the U.S.

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Spain's McDonald's Takes Its Menu Up A Notch

McDonald's in Barcelona, Spain
McDonald's in Barcelona, Spain - Anouchka/Getty Images

Winkler tried the McBBQ Bourbon Huevo burger, which comes topped with a fried egg, bourbon barbecue sauce, smoked cheese, bacon, and crispy onion. He seemed to really enjoy the McWrap, which comes with chicken, melted cheddar, and Salsa Supreme. Chicken McBites are like tiny McNuggets, which he seemed to find adorable. He also tried the wings but didn't seem all that impressed. He tried plain McPotato wedges, but they're also available topped with smoky bacon and cheese. Spain's McDonald's menu also features a whole line of McExtreme burgers, including a three-cheese version with cheddar, gouda, and camembert.

Regardless of any TikToker's opinions on whether American or Spanish McDonald's is better, the fact is that some of the differences between the two are quite interesting. For one, a meal at an American McDonald's will cost you about $10, while an equivalent meal at a Spanish McDonald's will cost you only about $8.50. Not a huge difference, but sizeable enough to notice. McDonald's in Spain also seems to offer more fresh fruit and vegetable options. A Happy Meal in Spain, for instance, comes with a side of fries, cherry tomatoes, or a garden salad. Its dessert options include more cherry tomatoes, pineapple, melon, or apple slices. Another big difference? You can get a beer at the Spanish McDonald's, including local beers like Estrella Damm. How much is a ticket to Spain?

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