A woman on TikTok is earning millions of views for her ‘heart-melting’ drive-thru videos: ‘I would cry’

If you haven’t come across TikTok’s famous “Dunkin’ ducks,” you can still probably guess what you’re in for.

What you might not be able to guess, though, is just how adorable they are.

The “heart-melting,” drive-thru-loving ducks — and their owner, Krissy — have become a sensation on the social media app. Krissy and her pets have attracted more than 1.3 million followers, all thanks to videos like these.

Apparently, Krissy’s ducks — particularly one of them, aptly named “Munchkin” — love Dunkin’. The animals can’t get enough of the chain’s iced water.

Krissy’s videos, some of which have drawn tens of millions of views, typically feature her and Munchkin going to the drive-thru together. The TikToker rarely shows her own go-to order, but she always seems to get Munchkin her favorite treat.

The reason for the duck’s particular fascination with Dunkin’ is unclear. However, Krissy has let her pet check out the competition — including Starbucks.

“Proof that Dunkin’ is better than Starbucks,” Krissy captioned one video, during which Munchkin drinks a strawberry-filled water from the coffee chain.

It seems fairly obvious why TikTok users love Krissy’s videos so much (check my math, but I believe ducks + coffee chains = happy). Many have called the clips “adorable” and “heart-melting.”

“I work at Starbucks and if I saw a duck in the drive-thru I would cry,” one user wrote.

“This is everything,” another wrote.

“Suddenly, I want a pet duck,” another added.

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