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TikTok is shocked to discover car doors have drainage holes: ‘This is crazy’

After experiencing high levels of rainfall courtesy of Hurricane Hilary, TikToker Landon Jones (@allclearforlandon) realized that his car doors were full of trapped water — and now, his discovery is going viral.

Jones shared the saga of discovering that the inside of his car doors had somehow become full of water in a two-part TikTok series — but he was even more shocked to realize, thanks to the help of many commenters, that car doors come equipped with drainage holes and covers for the exact purpose of draining water.

In his first TikTok, Jones explained that he had been driving to work when he heard “water sloshing” in the back of the car.

He initially thought he had left a full water bottle in his car, but when he went to retrieve it, he realized there was no water bottle.

Upon further investigation, Jones figured out that the water was actually trapped inside his door — a problem some TikTokers had the solution for.

“There should be a removable cap at the bottom of your door,” noted @liamt095.

“There should be a drain on the bottom that might be clogged or has a rubber stop on it,” added @snakedonuts12.

In a follow-up video with over 7.2 million times, Jones recorded himself dropping to his knees to investigate.

Not only were the drainage cups present and on, but when Jones removed them, water poured out of the door, proving that the water he heard sloshing around was coming from his doors.

“This is crazy, look at all of that,” Jones marveled in the video.

How do car door drainage holes work?

According to, most vehicles come equipped with drainage holes to help drain water that gets past your car window’s seal.

Mechanic Base adds that the drainage holes are designed to drain automatically, but the holes can also get plugged or clogged with debris, which could accumulate water and fluid.

The holes often have covers to help keep debris from getting in them easily, but as Jones discovered, the covers can also trap the water, so you need to check them regularly. If you remove the covers to clean them, you should put them back on.

It’s not always obvious if a car’s drainage holes have become plugged, but in addition to hearing water sloshing around, Mechanic Base says there are a few tell-tale signs that your car’s drainage holes may be clogged:

  • You find rust on the interior of your car door

  • Your floor’s carpet is wet

  • You smell mildew

“No one tells u it happens until it happens”

While Jones may have been surprised to learn his car doors had drainage holes and covers, he wasn’t the only one. The news came as a revelation to many commenters as well.

“My car was smelling like mildew after it rained all the time. The hole in mine was clogged up,” noted @smigotm321.

“I literally had this problem 2 weeks ago omfg,” added @bigbabybackbitch.

“So we all just riding around with water in our doors,” wondered @queen_vmarie.

“my father is a fkn MECHANIC and I learned this from tik tok,” marveled @ashhbee87.

“I was so confused the first time i heard my door full of water too. No one tells u it happens until it happens hahaha,” added @iambadmilk.

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