TikTok Turned Trader Joe's Chicken Soup Dumplings Into A Pasta Masterpiece

a basket of soup dumplings
a basket of soup dumplings - gowithstock/Shutterstock

When you're a busy bee that's ballin' on a budget, there's no better place to get your groceries than at Trader Joe's. The grocery store chain has become famous for its abundant offerings of inventive, prepared foods that taste great without costing an arm and a leg. Of all the unique microwavable meals you might find in TJ's frozen food aisle, few have captured our hearts quite like the Trader Joe's chicken soup dumplings.

The savory, soup-filled dumplings are so rich and delicious that you'd be hard-pressed to find an unsatisfying way to consume them. TikTok user @shayclick, however, seems to have discovered the ultimate pairing: Trader Joe's chicken soup dumplings piled atop a heaping helping of the grocery store's famous squiggly noodles.

In more ways than one, Trader Joe's squiggly noodles are similar to instant ramen noodles. The noodles come with a packet of sauce flavored with soy and sesame, which has made them the base of choice for many stir fry lovers. With a few extra ingredients and the addition of soup dumplings, Trader Joe's squiggly noodles can become a premium pasta dish.

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It Just Needs A Little Zhuzh-Ing

Trader Joe's sesame squiggly noodles on store shelf
Trader Joe's sesame squiggly noodles on store shelf - Twitter

In a now-viral video, @shayclick sets out to try the combination of Trader Joe's chicken soup dumplings and squiggly noodles, but not before putting her own spin on it. First, she cooks the pasta and drains it, carefully leaving a couple of tablespoons of pasta water in the mixing bowl, which presumably adds to the texture of the sauce. "And then we got to zhuzh it up because this sauce packet it comes with is just not enough," she says as she pours the packet of soy and sesame flavored sauce over the noodles, "But we're going to start with that."

Next, she adds a drizzling of Japanese barbecue sauce for a bit of sweet smokiness as she tells the camera that "a little bit goes a long way." To round out the sweet and salty flavors, she throws in a few scoops of Trader Joe's crunchy chili onion oil, complete with crunchy bits of fried onion, and a heaping spoonful of peanut butter. After blending the incredible combination of condiments together, she completes the dish by topping it with six soup dumplings drizzled with more crunchy chili onion oil.

Because the availability of Trader Joe's chicken soup dumplings varies depending on location, they may not be as easy to get your hands on as the squiggly noodles. However, Costco offers a comparable chicken soup dumpling made by Mila.

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