TikToker explains new Instagram hack to curate personal feeds

Instagram recently released an update that allows users to be as “mysterious” as possible, and many TikTokers can’t wait to try it out after hearing the news.

Instagramers can already use the “post and archive” tactic, which allows a person to post a picture and then instantly archive it. After about five days, a user can post the photo again so it appears on their profile page but doesn’t show up on other feeds. Now, with the new update, Instagramers can streamline this process.

Digital creator Evan Smith (@evancuate) posted a video on Sept. 16, explaining the new feature and how it works.

“I tend to do this when I don’t love the photo and don’t want everyone to see it, but if they go onto my page, it matches with my Instagram feed,” he said. “But we don’t have to wait five days anymore.”

In order to use this feature, users should prep a photo post as they normally would — choosing filters, cropping the picture and writing a caption. Then when it’s time to post, scroll down past the Add Music option and toggle the Share to Feed option. With this off, the picture will post only to the person’s personal feed and not to their followers’s feeds.

“I need this. Sometimes I want to post but I’m scared,” replied @wonderlatic.

“Best invention ever,” commented @milk.and.kisses.

While many Instagramers were on board for this new feature, some have felt that hacks like this one contribute to a feeling that the app has become extremely performative and overly curated.

“Why does it feel like Instagram is no longer a place that I can, like, post my little food pics and post every little thing I’m doing but instead it’s, like, truly a portfolio of my very best work,” said Ashley Watson (@existentialashley) in her video from June 16.

Others commenters were confused as to why someone would want to do this.

“Someone explain to me why i would want to do this? Im so confused,” replied @luckilyjustgabriel.

But for other TikTokers, it’s a way to make an Instagram feed as personal as possible.

“To be mysterious. Some people are obsessed with being mysterious,” replied @fedecrim.

“i did this once because i wanted a photo on my page but i didn’t want it to take away from my birthday post that i posted after for aesthetics ig,” commented @ades.ola.

This is just one of many hacks Instagramers can use to get a preferred aesthetic for their feed. TikToker Ramtin Ari (@ramtinari) posted a video on August 8, explaining to his viewers how to reorder photo sets, which would give users a chance to make their thumbnails as aesthetic as possible.

For his hack, users have to delete a picture from their photo set and then restore it from the Recently Deleted photo folder.

With several ways to make Instagram as personal as possible, many users are excited to use the new features.

“This just made my day,” replied @madsb83.

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