TikToker makes mini cheese platter for mouse living in wall: ‘Best day of his little life’

This mouse’s cheese board might be more lavish than any human’s.

TikToker @jorgeregula222 noticed a mouse had infiltrated her home. For some reason, the content creator seemed less preoccupied with capturing the mouse than befriending it. The pest was eating her food. So she decided to “do him one better” and serve him dinner on a silver platter.

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“Making a tiny cheese board for the mouse that lives in our wall,” the video text read.

The snacks were served on a Ball jar lid and included slices of champagne BellaVitano, smoked gouda, provolone and raspberry BellaVitano, crackers, honey, pomegranate chocolate, walnuts, pear paste and raspberries. She added a glass of water and even a small vase with flowers.

Next, she set up a hidden camera. Like clockwork, the mouse found the platter and nibbled on each piece of cheese. After sipping some water, the mouse went right back to eating.

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The video received 2.7 million likes, 13 million views and 39,000 comments.

“That was probably the best day of his little life,” a user wrote.

“He about to cry. Nobody gone believe him in the walls,” another joked.

“Being on earth is hard, everyone deserves a lil treat,” someone said.

“It’s all cute until he brings his whole family with him,” a person warned.

“This mouse eats better than i do most days as a college student,” a TikToker replied.

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