TikToker shows how — and why — to clean ice maker

A woman on TikTok recently went viral after showing her followers why it’s important to clean out home ice machines.

TikToker Kaattt (@katallen8) noticed that her ice was tasting a little weird and decided to take her ice maker apart and see what was going on. Once she opened it, she found that it was in desperate need of cleaning and posted a video on Sept. 8.

The residue that she first found wasn’t a surprise to her because she said she tries to regularly clean her ice machine every two weeks. According to her posts, she normally uses Dawn soap and bleach to clean the machine.

However, Kaattt took off a filter cover that she said she didn’t know came off, and had to make a separate video to share her findings.

“I’m pouring water in there, and I notice all these little backwash floaty things,” she said. “A year and a half, I’ve never known that that thing came off. …I’m disgusted. I instantly felt sick.”

Over 15 million people watched her video and many of them, just like her, were disgusted at how dirty the machine really was.

“That’s why I threw mines away. Even after you clean it within the next day or two it’s back,” replied @_shaylaellis.

“Threw mine out after eating ice and instantly throwing up, wasn’t even worth it since it’ll be back 6 days later,” commented @k1nggam355.

The specific name for the brown residue in the ice machine is still unknown. While some commenters believed it was mold, Kaattt never confirmed it.

In a separate video, Kaattt shared that she had a Vivohome ice maker that she bought from Amazon. Many viewers who had similar machines shared how they cleaned theirs, saying they used vinegar instead of bleach. Other viewers saw Kaattt’s home ice machine and wondered what these devices look like at restaurants.

In The Know by Yahoo contacted Vivohome for comment, but didn’t receive a response.

“Just wait til u see inside a restaurant ice maker,” replied @mauranaraa.

Recently, a former construction worker (@just_be_sovereign) gave TikTokers some behind-the-scenes insight into what one restaurant soda machine looked like.

“About seven years ago, I was working for a construction company and we were remodeling a restaurant/bar,” he said. “All of the plastic tubing they use to spray out your fountain drinks, …each one of them was filled with mold like you’ve never seen.”

His viewers were shocked to hear that many machines go uncleaned, even at restaurants.

After she finished cleaning the machine, Kaattt gave a final update on her machine, showing how she used a cotton swab to ensure that all the residue was gone. She said that she would be back in about a week to provide her followers with an update.

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