TikToker tours $12,000 ‘outdated’ NYC 2-bedroom apartment: ‘This market right now is insane’

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A woman on the market for a new apartment in NYC was astonished by the hefty price tag on a lackluster space.

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New York City is dealing with an ongoing affordable housing crisis. In the city that never sleeps there are more Airbnbs than units for rent, few vacancies under $1,500 a month and the city board recently voted for the largest rent increase in stabilized units since 2013.

Watch this bland Brooklyn bedroom become a mid-century modern escape in just one day:

Like so many New Yorkers, TikToker @stephanieleighnyc was forced to move after her landlord increased the rent. But searching for a more affordable apartment hasn’t proven easy.

“NYC apt market is insane right now,” she said in a caption.

The apartment hunter gave a tour of an $8,000 East Village rental. It was hardly worth the price. The two-bedroom and two-bath had a nice view but not much else to write home about. The space wasn’t huge, the closets were small and the bathroom was “outdated.”

“This market right now is insane. The inventory levels are so low and this is my eighth time moving in New York,” she explained.

She then went to view another $12,000 apartment in the same building, and it didn’t look much different than the first one.

People on TikTok couldn’t believe the exorbitant pricing.

“Nyc is a simulation… LA is expensive but for $8000 a month you could have a 4 bd house,” a person commented.

“Imagine spending 4K just to have a room mate,” another wrote.

“Me sitting in my 525 a month apartment watching this like,” a user said.

“How does NYC not have laws against this omfg,” someone added.

“$8,000 a month would get you a full out mansion in more than half the country,” a TikToker replied.

Watch this living room that hasn't been updated since the '60s get a modern redesign:

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