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TikTokers enamored with 13-year-old bunny: ‘That bunny looks like he’s seen some things’

Carter Richardson (@carterichardson) showed off what he considers his “biggest flex to date” — his 13-year-old rabbit, Thumper — and TikTokers couldn’t get enough of his furry friend.

Rabbits typically live between 8 and 12 years. Richardson, who got Thumper when he was 7, noted a few health concerns with the pet.

“He’s been having some health issues lately and has a quality of life assessment next week, so I wanted to make sure TikTok met him in case things don’t go in our favor,” Richardson said in the caption of his video.

One of those health issues is obvious, as Thumper’s eyes are a cloudy light blue. According to Richardson, Thumper’s eyes are naturally blue, but he has cataracts — a condition in which the natural eye lens becomes cloudy and causes those with it to see hazily.

TikTokers noticed his eye condition but were able to address it lightheartedly.

“He only speaks in riddles and gives you an enchanted sword if you finish a quest for him,” said @jeweledluna.

“That bunny looks like he’s seen some things,” said @ginger.snap7.

In a separate video, Richardson said Thumper’s cataracts developed overnight and that they would see a veterinarian soon.

On top of that update, he explained his procedures for taking good care of Thumper over the years.

“He’s never lived in a cage. He’s also neutered. He sees the vet regularly. He takes lots of different vitamin supplements. He gets daily vegetables,” Richardson said.

Richardson’s viewers are now infatuated with Thumper, asking for bunny content under several videos. With a community behind the bunny, TikTokers will be looking for an update on Thumper soon.

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