Tim Tebow delivers fiery TV pep talk for unranked Tennessee to beat No. 1 Alabama

Tim Tebow delivered a legendary pep talk for Tennessee to beat Alabama. (AP)

Tim Tebow didn’t hold back Saturday morning, doing his best to give a rousing pep talk directed at the Tennessee Volunteers before their game against No. 1 Alabama Saturday afternoon.

While it may not have reached the actual Tennessee players (who were probably getting ready for their game), it sure excited the viewers at home, who were quick to crown Tebow the captain of the football team, the “true” coach, the team’s surefire motivational speaker for the rest of the season and more.

It’s also good to note Tennessee was an over 30-point underdog to Alabama on Saturday. Maybe Tebow knew and he just didn’t care. Maybe, with his always positive outlook, he felt he needed to impart his wisdom to the Volunteers who would go against the top dogs in college football. Whatever the case, Tebow’s spirited message to Butch Jones’ players was the best (and an unexpected) part of the broadcast.

Tebow’s speech had over 30,000 retweets on SportsCenter’s Twitter by mid-afternoon. Here is Tebow’s rousing speech in full:

“You step up and let one thing define you,” Tebow said. “That’s your effort. That’s how much you care because in this game Alabama’s better than you.

“But let me tell you one thing they better not be better at than you  and that’s called heart. That’s called courage. That’s how much you care. Everyone wants to talk about discipline and heart work and all of these things. I don’t believe in them because when you care about something, that’s what makes you get up and work. That’s what makes you have discipline. In this game, don’t flinch. Don’t be scared of Alabama. Don’t be scared of T-Town. Don’t be scared of their titles.

“You walk into that stadium and you play with your brothers. You fight. Guess what? That’ll will be enough. That’s gonna be enough. Cause right now, eh, I believe in being humble and understanding where your blessings come from. But in this game, it’s about time you have some pride.”

Interesting strategy for Tebow to note how Alabama is better than Tennessee in every factor but their hearts, but then tell the Volunteers to not be scared of Alabama’s titles. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but in any case, Tebow was believing what he was selling.

Now to see if Tennessee will let Tebow’s words of wisdom guide them to a victory.

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