Timelapse shows mixed breed puppy grow into its 'floppy ears': 'The cutest thing I've seen'

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A dog owner’s timelapse of his German shepherd mix’s ears is going viral

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TikToker Jaymee Robinsoda has had Nova, a German shepherd-border collie mix, since the canine was a puppy. The gray and white pup was born with small, floppy ears that went through a total transformation as Nova got older. Robinsoda documented the dog’s ears develop from a standard border collie’s ears into the large, pointed variety that is signature to the German shepherd breed. 

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“Watch my German shepherd ears appear,” Robinsoda wrote in a caption. 

The adorable dog’s ears were barely detectable when it was a puppy, but as Nova grew larger, her ears became more prominent. Nevertheless, it was months before her ears resembled anything close to a German shepherd’s. Eventually, her ears became wider and began to stand up straight, making it clear that the dog was, in fact, a half German shepherd mix. 

Robinsoda’s timelapse earned 4.5 million views on TikTok. People were enamored with the dog’s unique appearance. 

“Went from border collie ears to German shepherd ears. Amazing!” a user wrote

“This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time,” someone commented

“I wish the floppy ear stage would stay forever, so cute,” another said

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