TLC's Newest Show 'Welcome to Plathville' Centers Around a No Tech, No Soda Family of 11

Laura Hanrahan
Photo credit: TLC

From Woman's Day

TLC, which is known for shows that follow the lives of some of the most interesting and unconventional families across the country, is bringing viewers a brand new series that we're already sure we won't be able to stop watching. The series, Welcome to Plathville, follows the lives of the ultra-conservative Plaths — a family of 11 in rural southern Georgia who live with minimal technology and (possibly even more shockingly) no soda.

Their lifestyle may seem other-worldly to the average person, but for Kim and Barry Plath and their nine children — Ethan, 21, Hosanna, 20, Micah, 18, Moriah, 17, Lydia, 15, Isaac, 13, Amber, 10, Cassia, 8, and Mercy, 6 — it's (for the kids, anyway) all they've ever known.

In an exclusive sneak peak of the upcoming series shared with People, we get a brief look into the lives of the Christian fundamentalist Plaths who live on a 55-acre farm. “We’ve structured our lifestyle here so that we can retreat to our piece of heaven on earth,” says father Barry, a Minnesota native.

The family matriarch, Kim, a naturopathic doctor, adds that their children have very limited access to technology, especially computers, and they don't play any video games. In one clip, son Micah says that he's grown up without a TV and adds “I don’t think I need one.”

Their limited technology use, however, seems to have left the children lacking in the pop culture knowledge department. Isaac, who says he loves soccer, basketball and football, doesn't know who NFL player Tom Brady is. And Lydia says that she has “heard of Spider-Man," but admits that she has no idea who he is either.

One of the more surprising aspects of the Plath family's life is that the children have never been allowed to have any kind of soda. "They know what a Coke is, but they don’t know what a Coke is," says Barry. "Can you believe that? That is so off the wall!”

The seemingly wholesome show won't be without its fair share of drama. Moriah, who her father describes as "opinionated," states that she's not totally on board for her parent's way of life. “Nothing against my parents, but I don’t agree with everything they say and think,” she says. And Ethan's new wife Olivia, 21, who grew up in a more modern family, appears to cause problems for Barry and Kim when she tries to expose her siblings-in-law to new things.

“I have a different outlook on life, and so I come into the picture and I bring in change. And it’s caused a hurricane,” Olivia says in a conversation with Barry and Kim, to which Kim replies "Well, I don’t think it’s your job to parent our children."

It seems that the show is also going to document plenty of firsts for the Plath kids. Footage shows oldest son Ethan cracking open his first-ever can of Coke and it seems like it won't be his last — "That's really good," he says with a grin after tasting his first sip. Ethan is later shown taking his first trip to a gym where he struggles with the workout equipment. The preview later shows daughter Moriah taking her first bite of cotton candy — something most kids her age would have enjoyed by the bagful several times over.

The six-part series Welcome to Plathville premieres Nov. 5 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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